Well Drill 2013 Update: First Site Found!

Jackson observing Kariuki at work

Jackson observing Kariuki at work

The Team with Community Leaders

The Team with Community Leaders

Marking the Viable Site

Marking the Viable Site

Today was the first day of our Well Drill 2013 Site Selection phase and I am happy to announce that it was successful!

Our hydrogeologist, Joseph Kariuki, arrived in Wamba yesterday with his truck and equipment, ready to “rock”. Early this morning, Kariuki and my team, which included Paul Lekuuk, Jackson Lenkokwai and myself, traveled to our first potential site, Lorian.

The Lorian community is comprised of 150 households with an average of 5 people per household. Of the 750 members living in this community, there are about 70 small children that attend preschool in neighboring communities. There is no primary or secondary school in this community and the older children instead assist their parents with the fetching and tending of water and livestock.

The community travels far distances to get water. Typically the journey is about 8 km which takes about 4 hours of the day. The water they do find originate from hand dug wells leaving the community member sick to their stomach every day. For these reasons, the community was chosen to have a well drilled in their community this year.

This well will drastically reduce the distance from the community to the water point. For this community, this means that many children, especially girls, will be able to go to school and women will have enough time for other activities including income generating businesses.


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